In our continually changing world the pressure placed on high-tech companies to rapidly innovate and collaborate with partners worldwide in order to remain competitive has never been greater.

Driven by the need to meet increasingly aggressive time to market, develop innovative products and continually enhance intellectual capital, the relationship between research, product development and commercial activities is growing more complex. This often requires the connection and convergence of new disciplines, within multiple organisations, possibly on several continents.

Kinberry is focused on partnering with our clients in order to maximise the return on their investment in these key areas. With over 20 years experience working at the leading edge of the ICT and Consumer Electronics industry, we provide expert knowledge and experience to offer a cost effective solution that meets the individual requirements of any organisation operating in this challenging environment.

Kinberry Limited Registered in England and Wales No. 5551281
Registered Office: 41 Watts Corner, Glastonbury, Somerset, BA6 8FD UK Tel. +44 1458 830120

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